Why should you turn your home into a smart home?

Before we start to base why it is important for a house to be a Smart Home, we must first know what home automation is.

Home automation enables remote or automatic control of devices and systems in your home. The most commonly used solutions are central heating, lighting and security management.

The smart house prioritizes being a comfortable home, but it’s not just that. It can also help you save money and protect the environment by efficiently managing your devices and systems, making sure they are only activated when needed.

Smart thermostats can learn routines and preferences by, for example, keeping temperatures at an appropriate level automatically and turning off the heating when no one is home. They can be remotely controlled with a mobile application, and some can even check the weather and make the appropriate settings without any input.

The illumination> can also be made intelligent, either by replacing the light switches with Wi-Fi enabled models or even by connecting intelligent light bulbs, which can be controlled via automation or a mobile application.

In addition to saving money, intelligent lighting controlshave also been used to create specific moods by darkening or brightening the lights. In the morning, a gradual increase in lighting can be a softer wake-up call than an alarm, perhaps helpful in encouraging the family to get up on time in a calmer way. Similarly, when children are in bed, more subtle lighting can be used for a well-deserved rest.

Also, another solution offered by home automation is to provide security. Home monitoring for safety purposes can be used to keep track of children and pets when you are not at home. Not only can you get peace of mind by using cameras, even the locks of the doors can be converted intelligent, by means of a mobile application, touch access, PIN codes, etc.

Now that you know all the advantages that come with a Smart Home, what are you waiting for to use domótica in your home?

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