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I want to listen music throughout my house.
The Multiroom system makes it possible for you to listen without interruption to your favorite song even if you go from one room to another in your home. The system connects all devices and allows control from our smartphone or from the speaker itself from Bluetooth or WIFI.

I do not want to see electronic equipment in my decoration
We have wall and ceiling speakers designed to feel the sound without see it. Also we offer solutions as mirror screens or future automation so the audiovisual equipment is hidden when it is not being used.

The music / network cuts it self.
We install WiFi networks with coverage and stability so you can enjoy music and WiFi services without interruptions.

I want to see the same in all my TVs.
Our Multiroom video solution allows you to configure the connection of the entire network of audiovisual products and be able to have control through Bluetooth or WIFI.

I want my house heated before I arrive.
With our home automation solutions you can manage the heating of your entire home from your mobile.

I want to generate presence in my house when I am travelling.
With our lighting and automation solutions it is possible. From your Smartphone or iPad you can create different scenes and make time schedules to make it look like you are at home.

I want to hide my TV when I’m not using it.
We recommend you from mirror screens or future automation technology so that the audiovisual equipment is hidden in the wall or furniture.

I want a wireless home automation solution.
We work with technologies that provide you with wireless solutions for your entire home.

I want a domotic solution for command control.
Barcelona Prestigi specializes in integration services; we offer Apple and Android devices connection, equipment control through iPad type tablets, Smartphones or Bang & Olufsen only command.

I want a unique application to control all the controls of my house
We work with the best brands and manufacturers in the sector: Bang & Olufsen, Lutron, Creston; we can integrate all the controls of the house from a unique application.